Top Tips for Effectively Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety is a term that becomes used more and more often, though many people do not know the full meaning of the word. It is a feeling of extreme nervousness or unease, even fear, that is experienced by most people at some point throughout their lifetime. They can make you uncomfortable and lead to feelings of sickness or a tightness in the chest.

Anxiety can also change how you think, leading to negative thought processes and cycles that only serve to increase the negative feelings being experienced. It can be difficult to cope with anxiety, but there are some tips you can use as a guideline for reducing anxiety and getting through episodes.

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Take Deep Breaths

When experiencing anxiety, oftentimes the first response is to begin breathing more shallowly as adrenaline is being released. The heart may also beat faster, or seem to beat harder, which can make you feel even more fear. Take a deep breath and slow your breathing, focusing on your breath. You may consider imagining that you’re blowing a balloon up; an exercise done during anxiety treatment maumee oh.

Question Thoughts

The mind is complex and can play tricks on you, especially when you are anxious. Your thoughts may become distorted, making you believe things that are not true. Learn to question these thoughts, which can help you reduce feelings of anxiety and interrupt negative cycles of thought that cause you to spiral further.

Accept the Feeling

Fighting against anxiety is not productive and can lead to experiencing even more anxiety or worsening symptoms. Instead, let your body go through these feelings and know that it will pass. Anxiety is a common occurrence, so it may be impossible to eliminate it completely. By accepting this, you may find yourself less affected by anxiety symptoms.

Your anxiety can be managed using different techniques, including the ones outlined above.