Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter

There is nothing better than white teeth.  When we have white teeth, we are happy, we smile more and just have an inner confidence that just can be matched in any other way.  However, when we don’t’ have white teeth and our teeth are not as good as they could be, we tend to shy away from the world and do things that don’t give us pleasure or confidence.

One way that we can feel confidence is to get dental veneers lynnwood.  With veneers we are creating a new look and feel to our teeth that will again regain our confidence. 

Don’t’ drink tea and coffee

Tea and coffee have chemicals in them that will stain your teeth.  The porous nature of our teeth allows these compounds to seep through which over time will cause our teeth to yellow in color.  If we avoid drinking tea and coffee the odds of having yellow teeth goes down.

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Don’t smoke

You also don’t want to smoke.  Besides it being a nasty habit the chemicals in cigarettes will also cause your teeth to yellow.  The tar and other chemicals found in cigarettes will fill your mouth and lungs.  Over time these particles will remain on your teeth causing them to yellow.

Perform general oral hygiene

You want to maintain a constant state of oral hygiene.  You want to brush your teeth in the morning and after every meal.  You want to floss, use mouthwash and see your dentist on a regular basis.  When you maintain your oral hygiene your teeth and mouth will be able to fight off germs and other bacteria that will yellow your teeth and give you bad breath.

Start early in life and build up these habits.  When you do, the need to change later in life won’t be needed or as hard to do.